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Haymarket Water Tower




Front Entrance of Nebraska Capitol

Nebraska Capitol Tower & Dome



Entrance Hall of Capitol

Entrance Chandelier

One of Many Mural Paintings

One of the Mosaic Art Pieces

Courtyards Between 4 Wings

Ceiling of 110 Foot Rotunda

Legislative Chambers

Voting Board of Senators

State Supreme Court Bench

Ceiling in State Supreme Court Chambers

One of Many Paintings on 14th Observation Floor of Tower

Another Beautiful & Unique Chandelier

View Seen From Tower

Another View From Tower

Ribfest View

Another View of Ribfest

Eating Tent at Ribfest

"The Dairy Store" University of Nebraska East Campus

University of Nebraska East Campus Views (Next 5 Also)






From Pine Grove RV Park – Greenwood, NE

Up bright and early and in Lincoln by 8:30 AM. What would get us up and going so early on a Saturday morning? None other than a Farmers Market! In the Historic Haymarket and Iron Horse Park in Lincoln each Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day they hold a market where local farmers and crafts people bring their wares to sell.

The name of the park and Haymarket area comes from the original market square of 1867 where wagons, camping equipment and hay were bought and sold. There is an 1890s water tower fountain located in the park area. The area also has a three-dimensional brick mural, “Iron Horse Legacy” which shows old locomotive Number 710 pulling the first train into Lincoln on the 4th of July 1870. Sorry we could not get a picture of the mural as the live music entertainment tent was set up in front of the wall containing the mural.

You can find any type of farm-fresh produce that would grow in a garden, melons of different kinds, baked breads, and homemade pies, pastries of all descriptions, homemade jams and jellies, homemade noodles, jerky and on and on. Remember at the fair yesterday I wished the vegetables and baked goods were for sale; well today I got my wish and most looked like blue ribbon quality.

It seemed as though just walking by the tantalizing scents of the food & vegetable booths you can gain weight. We did come home with more than a couple of bags of goodies, so we want to avoid scales for the next few days. Tonight we had some corn and boy was it sweet and yummy, tomorrow morning kolaches of various flavors will be the menu favorite.

Next, we took a guided tour of our 3rd State Capitol since leaving Texas on June 1. The building we saw and toured today is actually Nebraska’s 3rd state capitol. The first two which were built in 1867 and 1882 had structural problems. The present capitol building was built from 1922 to 1932.

The building’s four wings are in the shape of a cross and radiate from a central domed rotunda which is 110 foot high. From the center of the four wings rises a 400 ft tower with the “The Sower” statue sitting atop its dome. This is a 19,000 lb bronze statue of a barefoot farmer sowing seeds in a primitive manner is symbolic of Nebraska being an agricultural state. It faces northwest as most of Nebraska is north and west of Lincoln.

This is the first U.S. State Capitol to have useable tower space. On the tour we were allowed to go to the 14th floor of the tower and view the surrounding city from one direction as other viewing areas were closed today.

The building houses the Nebraska Unicameral, nonpartisan legislature in the nation. They have only one lawmaking house rather than a house and senate. There are 49 members with each representing a district of equal size. They are called “senators” and elected to four-year terms. The Unicameral is in session 90 days in odd-numbered years and 60 days in even-numbered years. The people of the state serve as a check on legislative process.

Just across the Centennial Mall in front of the capitol is where we headed next. The Pork Producers of the area were holding their annual “Capital City Ribfest”. We enjoyed some good Bar-B-Que sandwiches for lunch, however, there was nothing else in the closed off street area but the food vendors and some real loud, BAD music.

The attraction cost $3 per person to get in and then as at all these functions, food and drink are overpriced. There being nothing else to see or do, we left after eating saying we were glad this was not the ONLY thing on our day’s agenda.

While on tour of the capitol, our guide had said we might enjoy “The Dairy Store” at the University of Nebraska’s East Campus. It is part of the Food Science Department at the University and all the ice cream and many of the cheeses sold at the store are made right there in “The Dairy Store”. We discovered on our visit that the student to facility ratio is 3 to 1 and class size averages only 16 students.

We each had some ice cream, mine being called “Scarlet n Cream” and was the official flavor of the University; strawberry was the scarlet. After enjoying our dairy delight, we strolled the East Campus site of the University of Nebraska.

Another wonderful day was enjoyed by all. Till Later……..

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