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Our cat did quite a job on one of the first Christmas trees we had. He would climb to the top, the tree would teeter, and then it would plunge to the ground scattering pieces of ornaments, needles and cat. By December 25 the tree was a skeleton and I was sobbing. I tied the tree to the windows and began to buy ornaments that would not break. Over the years the cat grew mellower and most of those ornaments were purchased on our travels. Given how harrowing some of our RV trips south after the holidays have been the last few years, it would make a lot of sense to head out before the snow flies as many snow birds do. But I sure would miss putting up that tree. Every ornament is a memory of a wonderful place, a great adventure, a happy day. Some RV'ers have tiny trees that can sit on the dashboard, but this collection requires a floor to ceiling display. More importantly the holidays are a time to enjoy friends and family that continue to live in the land of snowflakes.

But now that the eating and celebrating is over, we have been scrutinizing the weather forecast to find the perfect moment to take off. Although the temperature never quite made it above freezing today, we only had to shovel a small drift made by the plow to get the motor home out of its parking spot and bring it home. Nearly all the carefully prepared piles of great stuff we can't live without were stowed inside it by lunchtime. In the heat of the day (29ยบ) the water flowed from the spigot in the garage to the holding tanks which are in the slightly heated basement of the rig. All systems are go!

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