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We leave for bus terminal at 6am for our ride to the end of the road!


It took 2 hours to get away from Panama City into the countrysideclear cutng, clearcut hills on narrow 2 lane road full of patched potholls...bumpy. The pastureland iBrahmand by Brahmin cows/cattle rain foreste rainforest remaining. Sometime past halfway the road became all quite new asphalt, no bumps. We turned onto road to Santa Fe and discovered again the old, bumpy road in and out of town, ha! We arr in Meteti around 2:30 and hiked back and forth to several ON places before deciding on Hospedaje Las Nashiras, which was only one with 3 single beds...Bon no longer sleeps well when we share a bed so this is a must requirement.

In the eve we hiked to town ctr where we were told there was an internet but it was closed. A ladey at the hospital told us about a WIFI spot which we found on our way back to the hospedaje. We were lucky (due to Bon's perserverance) to be able to connect w/ my iPod and email the hostel in P.C. and Barbara Perkins - she'd answered us saying the car was fine in Todos! Yes! We had thought that we'd need 4 days down here but after seeing the towns and getting an earfull at the police stops (they could not believe we were going down to the end of the highway in the Darien just to see it - we're TOURISTS for god's sake), we had to tell them just how many days we'd be where. Mari wanted to go out on some trail into the rainforest but the police said she'd have to have special permission (from an office which was closed for Carnival) and a guide @ $100 per day. This put a damper on her enthusiasm!


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