Vickie & Sammy... Hurricane Ridge

Another view of the beautiful Olympic Mountains

Vickie & Sammy checking out one of the waterfalls

It was cold! ;-)


Just enough snow left for Sammy to play :-)


Vickie & Sammy Port Angeles


Sammy Marine Life Center

Touch tank area

Sammy touching a starfish :-)


Vickie touching

The Port Angeles Pier

Vickie & Sammy in the tower..

Sammy & Grandpa Port Angeles



We saw a ton of deer today.,

Our next stop was the tidepools at Salt Creek

Jerry walking down..

Jerry & Vickie

The tide was way out, perfect for exploring..

Last one, Sammy and one of many murals in the area!

We took Vickie and Sammy on a bit of a whirlwind tour today. We wanted them to see the Olympic Mountains at Hurricane Ridge on a sunny day in all their glory. They did not disappoint. We stopped at one of the waterfalls and let Sammy put his foot in the water, it was so cold he didn't keep it in very long. :-)

We also visited Port Angeles and the Marine Life Center. We wanted Sammy to see what he would be looking for in the wild at Salt Creek when we visited the tidepools after Port Angeles. He touched a few starfish and had a good time checking out all the unusual creatures.

Our next stop was the Salt Creek area. Vickie, Jerry and Sammy went exploring while I took the pictures. The tide was way out, perfect for exploring.

We also visited Crescent Beach, a playground and had lunch at the Blackberry Cafe in Joyce and BBQ for dinner at Jeremiah's in Sequim. Not bad for the first day in Washington. :-)

Check back later for more from Washington and a day trip by ferry to Victoria, British Columbia.

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