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We could see this patch of fog above the trees as we...

Time for dinner, Little Josh's was the place to go in Parson's

This many cars can't be wrong!


The place was packed inside, just as the full parking lot suggested

The fresh catfish was the main attraction! It had to be fresh,...

Fresh catfish and real southern Hush Puppies!!!

We made it a short day today! sort of the same situation as yesterday. Its either too short or too long. When we got to the point we had to make a decision, we decided we would push on, but today it was another 45 miles on top of the 30 we had already done. Yes, no . . .yes . . . No . . .Yes we would go for it.

We crossed the Tennessee River, got to our turn and thought no, we won't.

So we stopped early. Took a short excursion of 5 miles into the town of Parsons, just to see what was happening in town! Those 5 miles were probably the longest we have done in a few days! 5 long hills in 5 miles! Lots of nasty traffic and no shoulder. But it was more exciting than sitting inside all day! We made it to Parsons and I am sorry to say, not a lot was happening in Parsons! Oh well, you only know these things by getting out to see for yourself, right? We got ourselves to the top of the first hill and paused to consider if maybe this was a good idea and did we really want to ride into town? While we were standing there, a truck stopped, right in the lane of traffic, good thing he had a clear view of the traffic behind him!!! He rolled down his window and shouted out "Hey where are you guys headed?" My wife and I are taking a trip next month on our bicycles but it is only 150 miles! How funny, he wasn't bothered iin the least about stopping in the road, he had questions to ask and information to share! Bicycles do that for you, they make you want to share your story!

We bought ourselves a beer (for Mike) and a cocktail in a can for me to take back to our room, thought we should have some fun in our day! On the way home as we managed the hills in reverse, we decided we should stop at the Why Not Bar that we saw on the way into town. Maybe we could mingle with the locals there! Fun! Ron the bartender and Chase the customer were great! It was an interesting 30-45 minutes. Like Kansas, only beer is available and that leaves me out! But my water was cold and it was still fun to chat! There was an older fella there as well, he is a perfect example of why politics is not a good topic at a bar! He was very sweet and really interested in our adventure, so he wished us good luck and safe travels and then he left!

For dinner, we are lucky enough to coincidentally be closest to what looks like the most popular (and close to almost the only) restaurant in Parsons! Tennessee River Catfish is their specialty! The place was packed! Mike had the catfish, how could you not have it? It must have been so fresh! And real Hush Puppies! I said real because we are in the south, right? Catfish and Hush Puppies!

And that pretty much covers today. An easy and short day.

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