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Today was moving day, but as we only had around 75 miles to go we didn't get too excited about a timely departure. On the other hand, as we have pared down our stuff and gotten more proficient about packing, we got away a bit earlier than our usual 10 o'clock start time. Yay!

After saying goodbye to our new friends, Mike and Caron, we were on our way to Fort Mohave, ArRizona.

After a quick stop by the Walmart on our way out of town to pick up prescription refills, we had a leisurely drive to our next campground, Riverside Adventures, in Fort Mohave which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Bullhead City and Laughlin. Don't let the name fool you; it is not on the river and it is just a plain campground. BUT it is the only place we have been to date where it is perfectly level both front to back and sis to side, so set up was quick and easy. There is little shade in this campground but our spot back up to a lovely and fragrant white oleander hedge.

After lunch and set up, we went over to the happy hour at the pool, where the residents were the most friendly and welcoming we have come across yet. Many are snowbirds who winter here year after year, so a there was much talk about who was leaving and when.

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