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After exercise class this morning, I grabbed a hamburger for lunch and then finished getting ready for my little trip. First, I fed Daisy to keep her happy. Then, a little after noon, we were on our way to Crestview RV in Georgetown to complete the safety inspection that they started last month. They installed the amber clearance light, which I had had to order from the factory. With that, Daisy passed her inspection and emissions test. I was glad that no other work was needed in order to pass the inspection.

There were some other jobs on my list: Replace the gray water tank valve handle and repair the TV antenna and jacks. I decided to wait until later to have the antenna repaired. I’m getting satisfactory TV service with the little indoor antenna, so there is no urgency to repair the one on the roof.

As for the jacks, they found that the control box is not putting out a signal to the jacks, so they do not recognize that the emergency brake is engaged (which is a requirement for operation). Crestview will have to order the control box from HWH and it will take about two weeks for it to arrive at the shop. I’ll just call Crestview two weeks before I expect to be back in the area and have them order the control box then. I rarely use the jacks anyway, so it won’t be a hardship. My site at Pecan Grove is level, as they are at most of the RV parks where my RV club meets.

Tonight I’m staying in Crestview’s parking lot. This time there was a space by a pole with electric service (unlike on my last visit here). It would have been very uncomfortable without air conditioning now that the temperature is rising into the high 80s or low 90s during the day.

STATS Route: I-35 N to Exit 268 Total Miles Driven: 44 Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy, warm and mild Road Conditions: Several sections of road construction but no slow-downs; four-lane highway most of the way Gasoline Price: $2.499 at Austin

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