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This morning John took me to Dr. Geck’s office. Karen had a follow-up appointment to check on the condition of her broken thumb. We are thankful that she will not have to have surgery on it and that she will not lose her nail. She has another appointment in three weeks. In the meantime she is supposed to take the splint off and exercise her thumb three times a day.

His physician assistant, Dana, removed the staples and stitches from my back. It’s a relief to get rid of them. She stated that the incision looks good and is still healing. She covered it with SteriStrips. My next appointment is set for Wednesday, August 20, at which time they will take more X-rays.

On the way back to Kyle, we stopped at my place to run the generator and RV engine for a while. We discovered that my roof air conditioner had tripped the circuit. Everything else seemed to be okay. I retrieved a few things to take to Kyle and picked up my mail.

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