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Here's what DIDN'T happen today:

• When Ken tried to start the engine in -4º temperatures, it sounded like it was full of marbles.

• The condensation from our breaths as we packed the day before, formed a layer of ice on the wind shield so thick that we had to use a hair dryer to create some peep holes so we could see enough of the road to leave.

• A strong west wind blew all the recently plowed snow back on the road creating foot deep drifts.

• We watched the rain running down the side mirrors turn into icicles as the temperature began to plummet and the road began to glaze.

• We passed 18 wheelers at askew angles on both sides of the road resting in the snow drifts.

• We drove into a blizzard so thick we couldn't see the tail lights of the cars in front of us.

While all these things have happened to us on previous drives south, the drive today was totally uneventful. We made good time and got a little farther than planned. Dull but delightful!

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