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enjoying the snow

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to head south and escape the snow and cold. We have made the drive to Texas three times in winter and every time it's been a white knuckle experience because of the weather. We've learned that you need to pay attention to the forecasts en route as well as the weather where we are. We'd much rather have snow and ice where we live, because the road crews have the equipment to minimize its effect and we know how to drive on white pavement. We decided to alter the usual route and head straight south before working our way west. Even if we have some slippery experiences, we won't have the bad memories associated with the treacherous spots from previous years.

So we've been scrutinizing the forecast on various weather web sites and it's amazing how much they differ even 72 hours out. But over all it seems like tomorrow will be the best day to leave for the foreseeable future, so we headed to the lot to pick up the motor home. The engine wouldn't start; the battery was totally dead. This was a surprise as well as a disappointment since we just bought a new battery earlier this year. But the engine hasn't run since mid October and it is mighty cold. Ken went home to get the generator and charged it up and we were back in business.

The scattered flurries in the forecast turned into an all day snow fall. Loading up the RV was a real chore - pick up an armful, put on the snow boots, walk to the RV, take off the snow boots, put on the shoes, put stuff away and reverse. In the evening the snow finally stopped and the road crews have time to do their magic before we hit the road. Fingers crossed.

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