Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

We arrived in Chile some 24 hours after waking up to leave the Galapagos. The flight passed without incident. We paid to take the same bus company we used when we first arrived in Santiago 4 months ago. The mini-bus dropped us off at our hotel at 6.30am and as we hoped they had a room waiting for our arrival. After 24 hours travel without a proper sleep we both fell into bed shattered. Paul woke up at 10am to watch Liverpool win the greatest FA Cup final ever!! (Can you tell Paul is writing this section?) Whilst Helen slept through it all despite the cheering.

Once it was over we got up and had lunch in a street side cafe. It was somewhat more chilly than last time we were here in shorts and tee shirts. Now trousers and fleece tops are a must but it was still possibly to sit outside if the sun was on you.

Once we had lunch we took a long walk to the bus station and booked our tickets for the town of Osorno some 12 hours south of Santiago.

The long walk back was broken up by trying on about 50 different pairs of shades at a cost of £1 each! However even the best one's still looked really cheap so we decided against getting any.

In the evening we went back to a restaurant we visited first time around - El Vacas Gordas - The fat cows - We ordered Bife de Chorizo which is a good cut of steak, unfortunately we had a muppet of a waiter who despite us saying we wanted it - con legumbres - with vegetables, can't have heard so instead of questioning an order with nothing else on it he just proceeded to bring us two plates with only steak on it!!

Fortunately this was quickly corrected by the headwaiter and we enjoyed a top quality steak each and beautiful bottle of wine for around £15.

After the long couple of days we were in bed early and up at 6.45am in order to catch our bus at 8.30am.

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