Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

the boats are waiting

boys and their toys -- riding the ancient style reed fishing boats...

incoming fisherman

outgoing with tourist

Michelle is riding the waves

nothing beats a big pile of raw fish appetizer. Only perhaps the...

main square, Trujillo

the Moon pyramid, different era, bigger adobe pyramid

decoration on the Sun pyramid

back in Trujillo


the largest adobe archeological site ever, Chan Chan



Another bus ride, this time along the coast, brought us to Trujillo. This time the movie was a Clint Eastwood something or other (I had no trouble sleeping through this one) and the view from the bus looked remarkably like the scenery in the movie. It was so much of a wild west scene that in one village we passed through a dust storm kicked up and sent some of the sheet metal rooves flying.

We first went to the coastal town of Huanchaco, famous for the fisherman who ride the reed boats that have been used since the ancient times. We paid a guy to take us each out for a ride in the waves. It was fun but quite cold.

We spent the night watching election results from the U.S., but we'd rather not talk about that...

Today we went on a tour of a couple of archeological sites -- The Sun and Moon Temples (site of, among other things, human sacrifices) and Chan Chan. Chan Chan's claim to fame is that was the largest mud brick city in the world, containing about 10,000 structures constructed by the Chimu culture. It was massive and we were glad to have a guide. There were also very nice people on the tour, again, including a couple from Ireland on a one year trip (see Mom, we're not the only ones).

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