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County Courthouse in neighboring town, Cimarron

The Santa Fe Trails

This shows what the ruts looked like at one time



Wonderful quote.

The walkway to the trails

Beautiful colors of the prairie grass

Like an artist swiped his brush across the canvas in many colors



In the concrete in the center of the viewing area.

It does look pretty bad, doesn't it?

We saw many of these vertical stones in different areas of the...

Come on ye cowpokes.


A small car show near town.

1934 Ford. What a beauty!

Word to the wise.

Downtown sign

A few blocks up, the Mueller-Schmidt house. Entirely made of stone.


Downtown Dodge City


On the corner of town, this statue marks the beginning of downtown

Downtown. Past the car the streets for 2 blocks are made of...


Love this door


And, this door!

Trail of fame walkway

on the walkway

Bella Italia Ristorante...wow, a Seattle fan. Yeah...go Seahawks.

Believe it or not, our 13 yr. old chef. The food was...

Big Guy ...down the road from Wyatt Earp statue


Front view. Look at those horns.

Pretty bench.

John liked the prairie grass and fence by the statue.

Welcome to downtown

How dirty was it? Extremely!

Bat Masterson's brother. Poor guy.

Mr. Rath

The walkway

Looking up at the roof as we walked along the street.

Big Nose Kate...with the shadow of the trash can on her.

We are currently in Guymon, Oklahoma. A small town in the Panhandle of Oklahoma close to New Mexico. This is merely an overnight stay, as we leave for New Mexico tomorrow.

Yesterday, we went to downtown Dodge City and stopped at the Santa Fe Trail.

In 1821, the Santa Fe Trail became America's first great international commercial highway, and for nearly sixty years thereafter was one of the nation's great routes for western expansion. As you walk the paved walkway there are many places to stop to read the boards provided with history of the area.

Once you reach the top of the hill you can look across the prairie and see the ruts from the wagon wheels, whether for freight or for travelers seeking a better life out west. The ruts were further away than we had hoped and with wind and rain, it was hard to see them as they have flattened somewhat. We decided that a ridge further up was probably the area that they might have been as it looked like it may be ruts in the grass.

Since it was windy the prairie grass swayed in the breeze. The many colors of the grass was beautiful.

Next up, downtown Dodge City. Well, it was a bit disappointing as there weren’t any historical buildings, or shops you would expect in a famous town…let me say, souvenir shops, shops with items from the west, etc.etc.

The street had wooden roofs over the sidewalk which gave it an old west look. We did stop in at the Bella Italia Ristorante for some of the best Italian food we have had in a long time. What was a total surprise was the cook was the owner’s son. His name is Tony and he is only 13 years old. Amazing!! He is a great chef now, I cannot imagine how much better he will be as he grows up.

The sidewalk reminded me of the actors who have their names on a star on the cement. They had Big Nose Kate (Doc Holliday’s girlfriend), Doc Holliday and even Dennis Weaver, from Gunsmoke.

We loved the Boot Hill Museum, and am glad we came to visit. But, I doubt that we will return someday. We feel it is one of those places that you will only see once.

It rained here in Guymon so hard and then it hailed. Fortunately, the hail was small so no damage. We are in the middle of nowhere, and all I could think of was…this is Oklahoma, they get tornados here. In fact, they had a bad one just last month.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and we will head for Tucumcari, New Mexico for a night, then on to Roswell to see some UFO’s.

After that, Deming, New Mexico for the next few months.

We are snowbirds, which means we follow the sun. Seems like it should be sunbirds…but, someone made up the name and everyone went with it.

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