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This afternoon I attended a celebration of joy for the life of Richard “Dick” Oliver, aged 94. He was a remarkable man. He had been an active teacher, deacon, elder and superintendent at numerous churches over the years and had served on the Board of Directors at three Christian colleges. He served in the U S Army during World War II and was trained as an engineer. As a civilian, he took a position with the Texas Department of Highways as a traffic engineer. One of his important contributions in this capacity was designing the red, white and blue Interstate Route Marker that is used on all interstate highways in the United States.

His widow, Virga Lea, is a cute, feisty little lady who wrote a love letter to him. One thing that I thought was particularly funny was about a trip to Johnson City before they married to see the Christmas lights. When they returned to Austin, he informed her that they had been in the “hypotenuse” of the triangle; only an engineer would consider the hypotenuse of anything! Virga Lea will move in a few weeks to Colorado where most of her grandchildren (and other, less important relatives) live. We will miss them both.

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