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Bear Glacier


Mom and Dada at Salmon Glacier

Us at Slamon Glacier

Black Bear


Horrible road...huge potholes under the puddles

Dad helping out

We arrived in Stewart today and had an awesome drive down a glacier lined highway to our RV park here in Stewart. The weather has stayed with us and it was partly cloudy and nice today :) The visitor's center had a nice boardwalk out over marshland we walked after lunch in town. We crossed over into Hyder, Alaska...the southernmost point of Alaska panhandle. In the afternoon we took off to watch the Salmon work their way up the Salmon River only to die by natural causes or get scarfed by bears...we did see one Black Bear! It swam across the lake and ate blueberries right off the bush. After that we drove up to see the Salmon River and we FOUND the worst road on our took us over an hour and a half to go 22 miles!!! The view of the Glacier was to follow. Harry and I got close enough to the edge to see the crevasses from above...very impressive. The narrow gravel road was very close to huge cliffs that were on mine and Mom's side on the way back down that bad road. Mom was sore the next day from being so tense! We were more than ready to relax when we got back to the RV.

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