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Tonight I attended a really nice birthday dinner party for Larry Seelke. There were good foods and lots of laughs. It was his 64th birthday so the natural theme for the party was the Beetles’ song, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?” He wore a tee shirt with a picture of Paul McCartney on the front. We saw a slide show of photos from Larry’s past from infancy to his marriage to Linda. I learned that Paul wrote that song when he was only 15 and his father was 64.

After dinner we played several games to win points. The three with the highest scores were awarded “Olympic” medals. I was no threat to anyone with my total of 27 points. :>) The games were (1) Movie lines in which we had to give the titles of the films, (2) Beatles names in which we had to give the full names of famous people whose first names were those of the Beatles, (3) Texas-born singers in which we listened to a few lines of their songs and (4) identify famous people whose pictures were on the cover of an old record album. The highest scores were 53, 50 and 47.

The last game (after all but nine of us had left) was “Song Burst” in which we were given a few words from the first line of a song. There were three teams and each had three tries, with each successive try giving a few more words, and the number of points ranging from three down to one. We had to sing the song – not just give the title! My team didn’t earn a single point.

Of course we had birthday cake, too. It had letter-shaped candles spelling out “Happy Birthday”. Larry blew them all out with one breath.

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