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Erie Lighthouse

Erie Lighthouse and Causeway

Gull in Flight

Gulls Wading


Today we had a short drive to our next destination, so we arrived before noon. We will be staying two nights in Evergreen Lake Park at Conneaut, Ohio (pronounced con' ee ott). It is in the far northeast corner of Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie. One of the most interesting aspects of this area is the large number of covered bridges, some of them dating to the mid-1800s.

At this park check-in time is 3:00 p.m., which is later than at most RV parks. They allowed us to pull into our sites but not hook up to the utilities. We asked them for a referral to a hairdresser. They gave us two names but neither shop was open on Mondays. Oh, well. Maybe the dog catcher will be lenient with us for a while longer. :>)

Since we had quite a bit of time to wait, we drove up to Lake Erie to see the lighthouse. We could not get close to the lighthouse, though, because we would have had to wade in waist-deep water to the causeway leading to it. We had not come prepared for such a thing! We had to content ourselves with photos taken from a distance. Anyway, we had fun watching the gulls.

Since our morning Cheerios had long since disappeared, we decided to eat a late lunch at the "World Famous" Pizzi Café. We split a small pizza, which was very good. They make their crust from scratch, so we had to wait quite a long time; but we didn't mind.

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