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Aside from making the decision not to go to Ayers Rock out of respect for the Aboriginal people of OZ, the big question upon arrival in to Alice Springs for both Tom and myself was; how are we going to get back down to Adelaide, some 1100 km south. Take Greyhound? Nah. If Greyhound in Australia is anything like it is in the States, we both thought to pass. Why not take the Legendary Ghan train? Great idea! A couple phone calls and a credit card ticket order and we were set.

Now, I had no idea rail travel could be so nice. Apparently, Australia is really into preserving rail travel as it was back in the day; a luxurious way to get around. Indeed, The Legendary Ghan railroad is just that. Now, we were in the "cheap seats" of course. But for a couple of 'ole backpackers like us, the Ghan was still a wonderful experience. Nice big seats that reclined back. Movies. Music. A dining car with warm meals. Heck, they even had a lounge where one could partake in the spirit of their choice. Not as good as the $600 a night sleeper cars or the $1100 dollar a night "Gold Kangaroo" 1st class service but...good enough for us.

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