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Grand Rivers, KY . . .as we approached The Land Between the...

For 30 miles this is the only things we saw, beautiful wooded,...

We crossed into state #10, Tennessee!!

We are just leaving The Land Between The Lakes Recreation Area. Beautifully...

Kentucky rolled out the green carpet for us! Any apprehension I expressed was totally misdirected and unnecessary! When we entered the state of Kentucky as we got off the ferry that delivered us across the Ohio River, Kentucky was gentle, rolling and gracious! It turned out to only be a short trip thru the state, but none of the fears I had eventuated or even suggested it was going to happen! I am such a putz!

We started the morning rather slowly. The humidity was unbelievable last night! It was so humid, the AC couldn't keep up with it. Everything we had on yesterday was still damp, it was a morning with the clouds hanging low, a bit of spitting rain in the air, no real motivation to rush out the door. But once we did, it wasn't bad at all. As soon as we got on the road it was only a few miles until we entered The Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area. For some crazy reason, this is one of the areas I led myself to believe was going to be a remote road thru dense, closely wooded forests and crazy ups and down. Why do I do that to myself and where do I get these ideas? I guess I have convinced myself Kentucky was going to be a repeat of Missouri (that's how Missouri effected me!)

I couldn't have been more wrong! It was just beautiful! The Land Between The Lakes is a length of land that runs between Lakes Barkley and Kentucky, unfortunately we could not see either lake as we were totally engulfed by trees! But it was so peaceful and quiet, just as we like it! A great smooth road and the hint of a breeze to keep us cool. Rolling terrain that created no problems at all! It was very enjoyable! It is such a large recreation area any visitors here are dispersed and hidden, so much of the time once again we felt we had it all to ourselves except for the odd passing car. If you are a hunter or fisherman, this is the place you want to seek out!

It is getting exciting as we work our way south to the coast. This is what I am looking forward to, getting to the coast and then heading east! I think we can improve on our miles per day a bit and get thru this. The problem of course is finding a place for the night. We all know what a die-hard camper I am, I love sleeping in a tent, but the humidity is enough to discourage even me! It is so humid, it is just nasty to wake up in the morning with everything damp and sticky. So until something in the weather breaks, we are seeking out alternatives with air conditioning! No one is more disappointed than me, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Well, I guess that is all from me tonight! Not that exciting of a day, but it was a really good day. The kind of day you know you are riding because you love riding.

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