7 Months on the Road Checking Off the Bucket List travel blog

Since everyplace is new we have tried to go places by GPS and are successful some of the time. When traffic is heavy and u-turns are involved or the in 50 ' turn left we find having a map is better. Yesterday we found the St Martin of tours Catholic Church. It has a 90 degree hill turn and a parking lot the rivals any football stadium. Bingo is on Wednesdays and we will be there daubers in hand.

Next we located a Walmart which was part of a large outdoor mall. It's an old store and has two stories so you have to shove the cart in the escalated cart entry to have it accompany you up stairs which seemed to be where most of our list was. I 'm gathering material to make our Let's Make a Deal Costumes. A jar of peanut butter, generic, no brand names can be used, and Dick as a cracker. There was some debate whether he would be a saltine or a Ritz but the only felt they had was off white so saltine it is. I have a plan on how to accomplish the construction of these costumes but sometimes what in my brain does not transfer well to the actually producing the product. The experimenting is part of the fun.

Every park has a different personally. So far this park is Wonder bread, nothing to distinguish it from the rest. As time passes maybe it will surprise us.

Today it will be in the 70's and maybe i will be able to shed my jeans, shave my legs, and expose them to the sun shine.

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