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Jade City

Big pieces of Jade to cut

Really big saw

wood bridge

nice mountain view

pretty lake by the mountains

Only 45 today and pretty bumpy roads. Narrower than the Alaska Highway, no lines, curvy and frost heaves common. Averaged 40 mph first part of Cassiar Highway to Jade City. Found some nice necklaces, earrings, and trinkets. Impressive big pieces of Jade there and huge saws to cut them. They actually supply 90% of the worlds jade and Asia just makes it into things! Passed a big area of prior forrest fires too. Stopped for lunch at Deese Lake and had good pasta at Rumors Cafe. Road did improve after that. Passed helicopters helping with logging operation...helps drop trees to the ground to keep it from shattering or damaging other trees. Also stacked logs tee pee style for pick up along the road. Arrived at the Bell 2 Lodge and campground 100 miles shy of Stewart, BC. Harry's Favorite place...used for heli skiers in the winter. Nice lodge with log cabins and small campground. It was pretty muddy on our site from rain so we broke out our boots. Harry and I had a great time enjoying the hot tub and sauna before introducing Mom and Dad to the movie Innerspace...always funny!

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