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Pine Grove RV Park

Park Office

Out Site #67

Park Interior

SAC Logo

Strategic Air & Space Museum

Long Awaited SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird

Underbelly of SR-71 Blackbird

B-36-6 Engine Prop Pusher - (Center floor) - Too Large To Photograph...

B-25 - Rudy's Dad Was Mechanic On These In WW II

U-2 Spy Plane

F-86 (Up Top)

U-2 Top Front & B-17 Below

From Pine Grove RV Park – Greenwood, NE

We arrived yesterday, 8/5, before lunch. Got the rig set up then went to a great little

Bar-B-Que place called Parkers; just a few miles from the park. It was wonderful, tender, juicy and plenty of it. We then made a well needed grocery run to the Wal-Mart in Lincoln about 20 miles away. Those high prices of the small town grocers in Iowa left the pantry pretty bare. The rest of the day we just hung around home and the park.

Today just the “boys”, Rudy and Sonny, went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum located in nearby Ashland, NE. When we planned our stops for this leg of our journey, this was a long time dream of Rudy’s to be able to see a SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance jet.

The Naval Air Museum in Pensacola did not have one on display and after research, the SAC museum in Ashland had one and as a bonus also had a B-36. Both he and Sonny were like kids in a candy store for several hours today!

On their return, we made our itinerary for other sights we want to see while in this part of Nebraska. Turns out, we will be quite busy the next two weeks. Our home base is between Omaha and Lincoln with many “small towns USA” all around so this makes for a large area to explore and enjoy. What a life, hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as we are enjoying ours!

Want to say that all our friends and family back in Texas have been in our thoughts with the tropical storms that have hit twice in recent weeks. Talked with my Mom and she said my brother who lives in the Valley only had minimal damage from Dolly. Likewise my Aunt and cousins had not reported any severe problems either.

Then just this week, Edouard hit very close to friends, and former co-workers further up the Texas coastline. Our son and his wife in Spring were out of harms way as we hope others were too.

Till Later……..

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