Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Today I saw my ophthalmologist for a three-month check-up. He wants me to continue taking Acyclovir (anti-viral drug) twice a day and return for another check-up in six months. My eyesight was worse than the last visit so he had to write a new prescription for glasses. The scars in the cornea, caused by the virus, are a permanent fixture. Happily, there were no problems with eye pressure or inflammation.

I went to Pearle Vision to order new eyeglasses. I just couldn’t wait any longer to do something; the old glasses that I’ve been wearing just aren’t good enough. I can’t see street signs until I’m almost in the intersection. I nearly croaked at the cost for these new glasses, $315, which was half what they normally charge! That just shows how over-priced they are. This included some clip-on sunglasses. I didn’t want to get a second pair because I probably will have to do it all over again in six months. I’m so spoiled by being able to wear the rigid gas permeable contacts for several years without needed new ones; that was considerably cheaper than buying eyeglasses every year.

This afternoon I had to call the RV Specialists mobile tech again to see if he could come to repair my water heater. He said he could come tomorrow. I had left a voice message several days ago but he hadn’t responded. I don’t understand people who ignore business messages but, sadly, it’s very common. I’m really fed up with the water heater issues. It will light but won’t stay lit and then it won’t re-light. It has been worked on several times in the last six months. If it can’t be repaired this time, I’ll guess I’ll just buy a new one. I don’t really enjoy those cold showers!

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