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The Hector. We pass it surprisingly. 1773 replica that brought the 1st...

Pt. Hawkesbury from our boat. Quanit town. Marina takes us to town...

Beatiful homes that we see once on awhile that are in the...

Nova Scotia's flag that we see more than the other province flags...

We left Charlottetown on July 30 for Ballentines Cove,which is about an 8 hr run. John, who was sick the nite before, decided to try anyway, but with the added rough waters, he just could not take it. Happy Clamz was radioed and they went on, and we ducked into Pictou, and tied to a wall there for the night. John got some rest and the next day, he felt good enough to go. We sure do miss HC, but we are to reconnect with them soon, and can not wait.

The next day was beautiful, so making it to here was delightful. When we passed by Bear Point, we saw 7 whales, a few dolphins, but what really got our attention was a school(?) of seals. We slowed the boat to idle speed, as there were seals all around us and we did not want to hit any. There must have been 150 of them. After going thru the Canso lock, which primary purpose is to control the tide differences between the North Umberland Strait and the Atlantic on the other side (otherwise currents would be 7 kt), we stopped here for two days to wait out the winds, and add to our rest. We got a ride into town and toured it for the mid-day and returned to the boat. John is about 80% now, so tomorrow we plan a short run to Canso.

The marina takes us to town for a tour and some shopping. Then we eat that nite at the local pub - Shin Digs - nice place, meaning good cold beer - LOL

We stay two days. In the middle of the nite, we hear a ruckus outside, so John gets up and there is a 57 ft sailboat trying to dock, but there is no room, so we along wtih two other boaters start untieing boats and made just enough room for him. He said that he tried to anchor, but the winds kept draggin his boat, so he needed a rufuge. We were glad to help. Back to bed, and rock and roll thru the nite - LOL.

We are amazed at the interest we have received for this trip with well over 1,000 hits since leaving home.

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