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For a quick overview of Botswana by the BBC, click here

We crossed into Botswana on a car ferry that took us over the Zambezi river. It was a quick and easy border crossing.

Reservations for camping inside the park were not available (it usually books out a year in advance), so we spent the first night in the nearby town of Kasane. It's a nice, little town that mainly serves tourists visiting Chobe National Park.

With much persistence, and a little bit of luck, we were able to secure a reservation in the park for one night at Ihaha campsite. With further persistence and pleading, we were able to extend our stay to two nights. This was our favorite campsite yet by miles! Each site is very large and sheltered so that you can't see the other campsites (there are only 10 here). The view is out to the Chobe river and the wildlife is incredibly active and abundant in and around the camp. We heard lion (which resulted in our getting in our tent for the night as soon as we could scramble up), heard and saw large herds of elephant bathing nearby (John almost walked into an elephant while wandering up to the loo) and enjoyed fantastic sunrises and sunsets while we were here.

Spent a total of 4 days in the park and loved every minute of it. Chobe is beautiful and has the highest concentration of animals we've come across yet. The herds of elephant are large and amazing. We saw hundreds of elephants, including many young calves. We also had the special experience of seeing a lioness with her cubs. Because we weren't with a tour, we were able to spend lots of time waiting for the lioness, who we'd initially spotted from quite a distance, to bring herself and cubs out from the bush and into the open. It's was an amazing time. When we left the park, we left with the names and addresses of several of the rangers who had been so helpful to getting us a campsite in the park. These are penpals we will try to keep! Such friendly and passionate rangers.

If you can only visit one wildlife park in Africa, Chobe (the North part along the river) should be it. FANTASTIC!

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