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A hot and sunny day today in MM. We've got a few days to chill out here. This morning we cycled into Tauranga to look around. It was a nice city actually, much nicer than we were anticipating given the busy port. We wandered around for an hour or so, and had a beer, then cycled back for lunch.

This afternoon Nick swam in the sea again, and I went to the hot salt water pools which are right alongside the campsite. They were gorgeous. An 'active' pool (for swimming in) at 35'c, a passive pool (for lounging around in) at 40'c and spa pools at 45'c. Toasty! They also had some massage posts – think of a fire hose draping over the pool like a shower. You stand under them and oh....bliss!!!

When we got back to the tent the camp site had really packed out, loads of people crammed into every nook and cranny. Doesn't bode well for a quiet night! I wander if it will be busy here now until New Year.

Today is our 'courting' anniversary. We started 'going out' 22 years ago today. So to celebrate we went for a curry (Indian). It's actually the first Indian we've had out since we got here, although Nick's cooked loads obviously. We saw this restaurant when we were here the first time, but it was closed. It looked pretty good, but it was less than average actually. Never mind.

After dinner we walked down to the harbour where a huge, HUGE cruise liner was docked and due to head out. Along with a hundred or so other people, we sat on the grass bank and watched it head out. Then finally made our way back to the tent.

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