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Our room with cable, minibar, aircon aaaaand a king size bed!!

The bathroom. Ahhh come on man work with us here - it's...

Would you stay above here?!!?!?! It's even got a Bucking Bronko. I...

Having a drink in the sunshine at Paddy's Bar. Mine was the...

The sun going down on White Sands

A game of footy on the beach in front of us. Em...

Em choosing a cocktail at the bar on the beach.

Em thinks this looks like me.

Some more football and sunset!

Sunset on White Sands

Em and Austen "The Mop" chillaxin!

London Underground map in a bar on Ko Chang in Thailand. Em...

We left the Tree House Lodge on Long Beach at about 8am today as it appears that is the only time transport leaves there every day!!

We decided to get a taxi over to White Sands and stay there for the night as the ferry back to the main land is a lot closer to there than at Long Beach. Also Em wanted a bit of 'luxury' for the night after staying in 'the hut' the previous one.

After walking in (and then swiftly walking out again!) of about 4 'nice looking' places that were GBP 25-30.00 a night (no chance!) we had a look in/above Buffalo Bills Steak House. There was a board out front of the restaurant saying rooms 600baht (GBP 10.00) so we thought we'd check it out.

Man, and are we pleased we did!! It's probably the nicest place we have stayed in so far and you get a free breakfast as well!!! Look at the photo's. For a tenner!!!

Ok so after dropping our stuff off in the room we went for a wander down to the beach.

We had heard previously that White Sands wasn't as nice as the other beaches on the island so we weren't holding out much hope. Man it was wicked too!!!!! And a nice level of busy-ness as well!!!

Oh and the sun had decided to finally come out properly today too(since we have been on Ko Chang it has pretty much been overcast or raining!).

We were in a really good mood within about 20 minutes of being in White Sands and it seemed like somewhere I/Em could just hang out in so I decided to enquire about Scuba-ering here.

I booked up for a 3 day course starting tomorrow so we booked the room above Buffalo Bills for a few more nights too!

In the afternoon we hired a scooter and had a bit of a drive around.

In the evening we hung out in a bar on the beach (which was cool as the sunset was beautiful) and then went a bit further up to another bar and played some pool.

We crashed after this but cannot believe how nice White Sands has turned out so far!


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