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Sometimes we are humbled by the simple fact that we have so many people we call friends. Wonderful people who have touched our lives in so many ways.

This morning we were awake fairly early and sat with our usual morning coffee, as long as we dared. We had a lot of things to do as we were leaving the valley today.

Gilbert came by, as did Dale & Linda. Roger & Joyce, Heinz & Irene, Cathy & Bruce, and Jan all came by to give us hugs and wish us a safe journey.

Dan & Pat, Ted & Sue and Louise had wished us well on the day before when we originally planned to leave.

The hugs were great and there were a few tears, as we said “So Long” to these good friends.

Marilyn & I were all hooked up and ready to go. We pulled out of our space at exactly 8:45 AM, with “On The Road Again” playing loudly on the radio. Several of our friends were dancing in the street, and we aren’t sure whether that was because of the music or because we were leaving. LOL

We were on the road for awhile when we discovered that one of our angel friends had left a couple of chocolate truffles in our truck, for us to eat on the way.

We had a beautiful day to travel and enjoyed the trip. It went totally without mishap and we arrived at the home of our friends in Santa Fe, exactly seven hours after leaving Llano Grande.

Marilyn spent much of her time on the trip attempting to photograph every wildflower between Harlingen and Houston.

I do have a few pictures to share with you tonight.

We had a pretty tight space to back into from a two lane street, and I’m afraid that we left a rut in the yard, where the trailer tires sank into the soft ground a bit.

Later, when Rick and Sherry arrived, we had to back their trailer in between our rig and a pole with a nice flower bed at the base.

Alas, the flowers took a bit of a beating, but we cleared our rig and the pole with about six inches to spare on each side.

Now we are all settled in. Six classmates from High School are together again. Most of us have been friends for more than 57 years. They too, are wonderful friends. Warm, friendly people, who are enjoyable to be around.

It is interesting to note that we have other friends who are only a few miles away, in Galveston. Kit & Jerry, who are working with a group called the Nomads, helping to rebuild homes in the area which was so damaged by the hurricane a few years ago.

We’ll surprise them with a call tomorrow.

Everyone may be a bit tired after this long travel day, but I’ll bet no one goes to bed very early.

Life is Good!

P.S. Sorry this is late. No internet service available where we are parked. Once it is posted, I will add pictures as soon as I can.

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