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Many people thought we were crazy to sign up for a campervan rellocation all the way across the Nullarbor Plains. So, we thought we'd do it again. This time, a 4x4 vehicle, which we were lead to believe was a "camper van" actually ended up being a sleep-outside-in-a-tent SUV. And, it only got something like 6 km to the liter...pathetic! So, for 7 days, we trapsed across the treeless plain, from Perth to Port Douglas and on up across the desert to Alice Springs.

Alice Springs. What can we say about Alice Springs? Well, it's hot. Very hot. It lies approximately 400 km above the South Australia border in the Northern Territory, smack dab in the middle of the Great Australian Desert. Lots of red dirt, rock and desert brush.

Alice Springs is a pretty big town as far as Northern Territory towns go, 22,000 people in total. It also has a bonafide horse track. And guess what? We were there for Melbourne Cup Day. Now, for those of you who are not in the horse racing loop, the Melbourne Cup is even bigger than the Kentucky Derby. It's a national holiday for crying out loud! The nation completely stops for the day. The masses dress to the nines in bright dresses and big hats and make their way out to the track to place their bets on who will be the big winner.

Speaking of big winners, you'll be happy to know that our very own Thomas Z did just that. $5 on Delta Blues to win. And Delta Blues won indeed. So, congratulations again, Tom. You sure do know how to pick 'em ;-) !

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