Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Our final sunrise on the Galapagos

Our final island of North Seymour allows one last cute baby Sea...

Male frigate bird goes all out to impress the ladies

The battle is on for the male frigates

Arrived at North Seymour around 1am and had a trouble free night's sleep, however due to this being our last day we had to be up at 5.30am in order to see the final island before our flights. A quick breakfast was had and we were on the island by 6.30am. On the panga ride across we were greeted by dozens of frigate birds (the one's with the big red necks) circling overhead. The island is the main breeding ground for the frigate birds. After a short walk we finally got to see the male frigate birds in all their mating glory trying to impress the females. Half way through the walk the guide managed to get us lost and we had to backtrack across the island. This was a blessing in disguise because we also got to see a huge land iguana (the biggest we'd seen all trip) and saw more male frigates in direct competition with each other.

The island also held more sea lions but by this point the initial thrill had worn off and so the sea lions had very little attention paid to them barring a cute baby one that Helen had to have a picture of.

We returned to the boat and prepared for our flight which was due at 10.15am. It was rammed home to us far too frequently in the last hour about giving the crew a tip for the weeks work, but then Paul worked out that the boat takes roughly $500,000 per year just on the basic fee they charge and considering the problems the boat suffered at the start of the week we decided against a tip which they weren't impressed with.

We left the boat around 9.00am and after a 10 minute bus ride we were checked in for our flight to Santiago which left on time!!

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