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Looking out our dining room window.

Our little tree is covered with snow

Our picnic table and barbecue right outside the front door.

Toby saying "Yeah, right. You think I am going out in that."

You can almost see his back leg.

The two little cabins behind us

So pretty on the trees

Icicles hanging from L & L's RV

They were starting to droop and drop as the air warmed up.

Our roadway

Horses had to try a little harder to find the grass.

A few days ago we got hit with a cold streak. It was predicted that we would have some snow. Great, we thought, we will get to experience winter in South Dakota.

Woke up Thursday morning to about 8 inches of snow. It was beautiful.

You know the best part of being retired? It means you can sit in your very warm pajamas, with your slippers on, your hands warmly wrapped around a hot cup of coffee and look out the window and watch the snowflakes come down.

Toby wasn't as enthusiastic as we were about the snow. Keep in mind his feet are only about 3 inches tall and his tummy clears the ground at about 5 inches. So, with 8 inches of snow..well, you get the picture. Getting him outside to relieve himself took quite the convincing. Finally, he crawled under the RV where it was dry. Then, he made a beeline for the door to come inside. Three times it was the same routine. Super difficult when you are so low to the ground. We had to dry his underbelly and paws each time he came indoors.

That evening we went to Lee Ann & Larry’s for dinner. She made a delicious corned beef/cabbage/potatoes and carrots. Oh, how I love it when someone else cooks. For dessert she made a buttermilk pie which included Bisquick and was it ever good. We spent the evening talking about where we were going next and things we had done.

Came home to a warm house, watched some T.V. then off to bed. Electric blanket cracked up to number 3. Warm and toasty.

Friday we went over to L & L’s early as they are leaving for Pierre, SD to attend a Heritage Festival where our friends Brad & Bonnie, the "Ramblin Rangers", were performing. Then, they were off to see the State Capitol.

Back home for a restful day. The snow is almost gone and the temperature is rising so we will be back into the 60’s again this upcoming week.

Till tomorrow..thanks for dropping by.

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