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London Bridge


Don and Mike

Yesterday we drove into Lake Havasu City for Don's yearly heart checkup. We had originally intended to go back to Durango, but they could not get him in until the end of August. So, since we plan to be here in the winters for a few more years, we found a new doctor here. He was really busy, but at least we could get in within 3 weeks. So status quo, everything is good for another year. While in town we were going to pick up the new patient paperwork for our dermatology appointments, which were scheduled on Wednesday. BUT, when we got there I saw that they no longer accept my supplemental insurance (I changed in January) so that was a no go. We took a chance and walked in to another practice and lo and behold they scheduled us for this Thursday, only a day later than our original appointment.

Today we went back up to Lake Havasu City, but this time by boat. Our neighbors invited us to go up with them to a brewery by the London Bridge for lunch. Along the way he drove into several different coves so we could do some sight seeing from the water. All along the Arizona side of the river there were camping areas, accessible from the river, with a tent pad, picnic tables and bathrooms. There was also a hiking path that ran between many of the sites. It cost $10 per night, $5 for seniors. And it was very well done with rock walls and landscaping. There was nothing on the California side of the river. As we got closer to Havasu, we began to see small lighthouses to assist with navigation. They were all different, and fairly small, not large enough to climb up into. I found that there were actually lighthouse tours available. Quite the touristy area! In Havasu, we docked by the bridge for our lunch. We had fish and chips (Don had spaghetti) and enjoyed people watching during our meal.

We took our time going back to the campground, and got back just in time for happy hour, which we observed parked in a cove in the boat. When it got too dark to be out (with nowhere in particular to go) we docked the boat and sat there for another hour or so just talking and enjoying getting to know one another.

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