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The wrong electric harness was brought up from Albuquerque so I can either leave without front driver side lights or stay here over the weekend waiting for the right part. But wait - Victor, the owner, offered to bring the car up to Durango after it is fixed on Tuesday! He said that he was going up there anyway, so he can have the car taken up on a flatbed by early Tuesday evening at the latest. That way, I can keep my reservations in Mesa Verde and be in a place with more to do than here - there's nothing, not even a decent sized grocery store! So, I took him up on his offer and drove up to Durango, getting there around 7 PM. I parked in a movie theater lot just south of the city proper and had a hot dog and popcorn for dinner! I didn't see a movie, though - nothing interested me.

Oh - one story about Cuba - the Rio Puerco flows down and floods over every 5 years or so. Victor said that when that happened, they see old cars coming down the river which get stuck in the riverbed once the water drains. We were in a car (he was taking me to the Mexican restaurant at the other end of town)and when I looked over the bridge, I only saw a dry riverbed with plenty of green grass growing in it. When I left in my motorhome, I could see 2 rusted out old model cars in the riverbed! So the story is true! Must be a junkyard near the river up in the mountains.

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