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Crater of Diamonds State Park - Site 53

A shot of one side of the crater

Doris looking for diamonds

Has to be one here, somewhere

Several groups of miners

This guy is really serious about it

Doris found a 3.14 carat diamond

Unknown mushroom shpaed plant on River Trail

Wild dogwoods in full bloom - they are about three weeks behind...

We arrived here at Crater of Diamonds State Park about 1:30 p.m. Monday and camp set up was quick and easy. I was even able to find the satellite with minimal trouble. Cell phone reception is sporadic, sometimes good; sometimes not so good. The sites here were designed a long time ago and are very small though they do have good separation.

Tuesday, we did a little hiking along the river trail which goes down to the Little Missouri River and parallels it for a short distance. All of the waterways in this area are full and running due to the recent storms. We were looking at the news and noticed we got out of Ajax, LA just in time as a bad storm went through there the Monday night after us leaving that morning. It is spring and the storms are to be expected, you just can’t let them dictate what you will do anymore than necessary.

Wednesday morning it was 40 degrees when we awoke. Neither of us wanted to get up and turn on the heater! I guess we will have to start turning it on low when we go to bed. In the afternoon we went diamond mining. They have a short video which shows you different methods of mining. You pay your money and hit the field to start looking. It is a 37 acre field they plow up and you go looking for the precious stones. You can rent equipment (shovel, bucket and screens) or just go looking any way you desire. I have included several pictures of the crater and the many people searching for the gem.

And guess what! DORIS FOUND A 3.14 carat diamond!!!

We don’t know if it can be cut or not yet but they have given us the names of several cutters we’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, by the way, you do know what the date today is, don’t you.

Tomorrow we head for Petit Jean State Park just a little west of Little Rock and we will stay there three days.

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