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Got to the airport and thru some interesting security but did not take as long as we had anticipated. They did not question water or any other liquids. Very nice one hour plane ride and then again the trip thru security was not bad, easy stamp into Sri Lanka, no $$. Got a bus and then a tuk tuk to YMCA - a dump - then to YWCA, 180 degrees difference! Very nice people, clean, spacious, and economical...incl breakfast. Went to theater, saw an action movie - .............


After early stop at Indian visa consulate and an aborted tuktuk ride(driver claimed to know where YW was, guess there are 2 in Colombo & ours is across from Singer Offices...we got into a military area, showed passports & much heated discussion) we finally got back to YW and to bus station & immed left for Kandy on an AC bus.

The 2 lane road(smooth) was very busy - main thoroughfare in middle of country lined most of the way w/ commercial businesses or seller stalls. It took us an hour just to get away from Colombo. Once in the countryside(70% of Sri Lankans live in rural areas) we passed several places which specialized in particular goods - cane furniture & all types of cane type goods, red clay pots and all kinds of clay goods, and even a place along the road(probably because of Christmas season) which had every kind of inflatable toy you might imagine! Also, passed huge pile & truck of coconuts both whole & husked - must be coconut season since we saw bunches hanging frequently all along the way. Likewise, banana bunches and bags of oranges, and papaya fruits laying on counters at fruit sellers along the way. The country in these parts is extremely humid and very green everywhere.

A big difference from India is the lack of litter/trash and the almost complete absence of cows in/along the road. Of course, the cow thing might be due to the abundance of feed in the fields/forests whereas in India, where we were there did not seem to be such an abundance. Once again we ran into a delay due to asphalt machine work, this time only half an hour. Tons of cocopalm trees, more jungle-like than I expected. Arrived in Kandy kind of late and after inspecting 4-5 guesthouses we ended up in Lake Inn where a dbl was 1500 r. (here 100 r. = $1 US). Had a mediocre dinner and hit the hay.


General in Sri Lanka…I will give a run down and post pictures on the day we saw the sights even though we traveled to the next town in the p.m. most of the days we were visiting cultural triangle sites

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