Our grandson, Sam...

Sam in the middle with the ball..

We went birding at a beautiful park near Vickie's home..

Flowers are blooming all over the park..



Jerry, Vickie and Betty...

Love this picture of Betty I took in the park..

Queso and Grandpa playing on the floor...


Fun with Sam at Dave and Buster's..


Grandpa had fun too...;-)


Sam did great with this one too, he won a lot of...

Last one, fun shopping...:-)

I have been very lazy about doing updates to the Journal lately. This is a huge catch-up. We left Paxico on the 4th of July and made a couple of stops on our way to Union, Kentucky. We stopped in Maryland Heights, Missouri at the Hollywood Hotel, we made another stop in Indiana and finally made it to Union, Kentucky on the 7th.

We stayed at Betty’s for four days before moving to Vickie’s. Betty’s new apartment is absolutely beautiful and it’s only a few minutes away from Vickie’s. We are house sitting at Vickie and Ed’s home and taking care of our grandson, Sam, and Queso, our grand doggy. :-) Vickie and Ed are celebrating their 25th Anniversary traveling to England and France.

We are enjoying every minute of our stay. We have been to Sam’s basketball games, went bird watching at a beautiful park and enjoyed watching Sam play at Dave & Buster's and much more. I am adding a lot of catch-up pictures and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Kentucky and Ohio.

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