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On this date, November 8, in 1941, my brother, Bill, was born. He was my best friend all through our lives. Of course, Marilyn stepped into the picture and became another “Best Friend”, but Bill and I were buddies for as long as he lived.

We always called each other on weekends, and especially on any special occasion, such as a birthday.

Bill died from Cancer just one week before we were to sail off on a Caribbean Cruise with he and his wife, Judy, to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Bill and I enjoyed so much, just being together and sharing a cold beer, talking about baseball.

I still miss him terribly and have the urge to pick up the phone and give him a call, every once in a while.

Tonight, I’ll drink a beer and offer a silent toast to this great buddy, my brother, Bill.

Now, on to the day’s events…..

Marilyn & I were up at 6:30 this morning. We took time to share our morning coffee although we were both anxious to get on the road to our winter home.

We pulled out of the RV Resort right at 8:00 AM.

We drove in fog, under gray overcast skies which promised to dump rain on us.

It wasn’t far south of San Antonio, when we ran into the rain. At times it was quite heavy and we slowed to a crawl due to poor visibility. We would have pulled off and stayed put, if we had a place to do that safely.

We stopped at Falfurria for fuel and a sandwich.

The rain stopped and we actually saw blue sky between holes in the clouds as we approached the Rio Grande Valley.

By the time we arrived at Llano Grande resort, the sun was shining, the temperature was 81 degrees and we had friends waiting for us.

Dan & Pat walked out into the street to greet us and invite us to dinner at their house. We’ll be heading that way in a few minutes.

As we drove in and began to set up, Dale & Linda drove in, and we exchanged hugs with them. It is so nice to drive into a place well over 1000 miles from the area we call “home”, and be greeted by friends. Of course, it is hard not to feel welcome here in Texas, as they have a big sign over near McAllen, which says ”Welcome Home, Winter Texans”. That is nice!

We are pretty much set up although we have a lot to do tomorrow. We noticed that our cable TV is not working. That is OK as we get 23 channels from the antenna.

The resort gave us a very nice coffee mug when we checked in. I liked that but Marilyn is more concerned with where we will store an extra mug.

Well, it is time to walk over to our friends house, so I’ll finish this.

I’ll give you more info tomorrow, but for now, we’ll just relax and wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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