Love this welcome to Deer Lodge ...

The Old Montana Prison...

Another view..

This talented man made his own huge grill...

Another view..


Auction items..


Bear furs..

Wild game callers..



Geese calling :-)

Bear claws..

Loved these tables made of wood...




Fishing lessons...

Chuck, the Fly Guy




Last one!

This will be out last update from Montana, unless we decide to boondock along the way to Wyoming. ;-)

We have enjoyed our stay in Deer Lodge. Today we are back in the Old Montana Prison yard, this time for the Pig Roast in the Pen. What a great title for a pig roast in a prison yard. We attended the 4th of July event in the same yard last year and had a blast.

The Watershed Restoration Coalition in conjunction with other sponsoring organizations are hosting the 1st Annual Pig Roast In The Pen at the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana. They are having a BBQ competition saying if you think your BBQ is the best, you can prove it. All donations were for the restoration efforts in the Upper Clark Fork River.

The Pig Roast In The Pen is entirely a competition for amateurs who love to cook great BBQ. One of the first huge grills we saw was actually hand made and incredible. We were there early and didn't taste any of the BBQ, but it all looked great.

In addition to the competition, they had much more. We saw Grizzly bear furs and claws, listened to all sorts of wild game calls including duck, geese and more.

Vendors at the Cell Block & Prison Court Yard included food, arts and crafts and lots of regional businesses. They had a bit of everything including jewelry, quilts, items up for auction and much more.

Our favorite was the fly casting with instructions for beginners and fly tying, teaching the basics.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Tomorrow is travel day, we will be heading toward Wyoming. Check back later for more from somewhere in Wyoming.

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