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In the very wee hours this morning I woke up to sneezing, coughing and a headache. Apparently the mold count was extremely high. Around 3:00 o’clock I got up and took a dose of my Allergena medicine, hoping that this would do the trick. It stopped the sneezing and coughing but the headache hung on. I got up again around 4:00 and took a Claritin-D, which helped a little. But, by 6:00 o’clock, I gave up on getting any sleep and got out of bed for good. I ate breakfast with a large mug of hot tea. The Claritin-D made me feel queasy and a bit dizzy, which is why I take it only when I am desperate. I then drank a Coke to settle my stomach. Yikes! With all that caffeine, I was a jittery mess, but the headache had finally stopped.

Around 9:45 I headed for church with my fresh cherries to our monthly J.O.Y. fellowship luncheon. I couldn’t stay then because of a dental appointment but I was back in time to play a couple games of Rummikub and to eat lunch. My cherries had disappeared very quickly.

The dentist gave me my usual Atta-girl. This is another reminder of how thankful I am to have good strong teeth.

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