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Picacho Peak south of Eloy

Returning to RoVers Roost

A gorgeous desert sunset
We never tire of these spectacular desert sunsets (17...

Carpe sporting an impressive array of bugs
She's overdue for a bath!

We hired a crew to wash & polish Carpe
Sometimes writing a check...

It's a good thing that Winnebago builds a strong roof...

They even waxed the roof—a first!

Here she is all spiffed up!!!

Thanksgiving at RoVers Roost

Sandi's gravy
It was a "hit" again this year...

Pot luck Chair Mary Stewart opens festivities.

Turkey and gravy ready for action


Nice clothesline-dried duds
They smell sooooo nice...

Wed, 14 Nov: After a successful windshield repair we returned to RoVers Roost in Casa Grande. It was an uneventful drive, and without towing Dinkum (we'd left him back at Rovers Roost) we averaged more than 10½ mpg on this trip. The ole gal is doing pretty good... Sandi drove this leg and agreed with Bob that the new steer tires really make a difference. On a newly paved stretch of I 10 it was soooooo smooth we had problems staying awake.

We stopped at the Flying J at Eloy to top off our diesel tank. We've been having a problem using our loyalty card and after talking with their RV loyalty program customer service folks we learned that we'd need to re-authorize our loyalty card. They never said how it got "de-authorized"!

After waiting around for about ten minutes Bob finally got the card re-authorized. Sandi pulled Carpe to an open pump and Bob swiped the card only to get a "See Cashier" message. Back into the store only to learn it takes 24-hours for the re-authorization to be re-authorized. We left without topping off our tank. Sometimes we wonder why we even try...

We got parked back in our site by 1600 and celebrated with a well-earned happy hour. We were both in bed by ten and looked forward to a "don't-have-to-get-up" morning.

Wed, 21 Nov: Well, we bit the bullet and paid to have Carpe washed and waxed. The more we stared at our filthy coach the more we agreed that writing a check would be a better option. We just didn't feel up to the days of labor needed to do a decent job.

So, we got a quote from a local RV washing outfit (there are quite a number of them in Casa Grande catering to lazy snowbirds) and they came out the day before Thanksgiving. There were three of them, two women and a man. They arrived at 0800 and didn't waste any time. The entire project was finished by noon, including a wash & wax for Dinkum. We even had them remove all the oxidation from the roof, a real backbreaking job!

Carpe is pretty spiffy now and all that remains for exterior cleaning are the polished wheels. We do that as it requires special polish & sealant we buy from Freightliner. We'll tackle that anon.

Thu, 22 Nov: Happy Thanksgiving

We wish each of you the happiest of thanksgivings. As is the norm here at RoVers Roost we had a community pot luck with the Cooperative providing the turkeys. Sandi got drafted to do the gravy again this year, and it was once again a big hit.

There were about 75 souls in the clubhouse and the tables were definitely "groaning" under the sheer amount of offerings. It is always amazing what comes out of these tiny RV galleys, but it is always good grub. There was plenty of turkey left so we all went home with Baggies of leftovers (and gravy).

Fri, 23 Nov: Black Friday and Sandi wasn't having any part of it. Bob, ever the brave soul, took off for the mall where he stopped at a gourmet food store and then on to Wally's World (Wal*Mart). He said it wasn't too bad as long as you stayed away from the holiday and toy sections. His last stop was at Nicos, our very favorite Mexican Restaurant for take out burritos.

Meanwhile, Sandi undertook the job of polishing our wheels. As mentined earlier this requires special chemicals and quite a bit of "elbow grease". By the time Bob returned she had completed the two wheels on the shady side and undertook the other side after lunch. All four are now sparkling and covered for the duration of our stay.

Tue, 27 Nov: Yesterday we visited our doc for test results. All is good for another year. That's great news.

Today we drove to Chandler for a Costco fix. Lunch at the Food Court and then some "necessities" to replenish the larder. No big plans till the weekend when we plan to attend a Hamfest in Mesa on Saturday and Bob'll visit the Tucson Stamp Show on Sunday.

Sat, 01 Dec: December is here... Where has the year gone?

We had a quiet rest of the week. Wednesday & Thursday were days where we never started the car, much less left the confines of RoVers Roost. We really enjoy those kind of lazy days.

Only exception was that Sandi went on a "cleaning spree" Thursday that swept Bob into its vortex. Bob was great about helping with the vacuuming and then got out of the way when Sandi attacked the tiled floor with a mop & bucket. But, Carpe smells so much better and we're back to using paper instead of dust for making notes...

Friday we drove to Tucson and met with Bobbie & Lee for lunch at Costco. They have just returned from a cruise to witness last month's total solar eclipse visible from the South Pacific. They had great weather and enjoyed a spectacular event. As always it is soooo good to visit with them and the time went all to fast.

Following lunch we drove to the Tucson Convention Center so Bob could attend a stamp show. We drove all around the site and never found any sign of a stamp show. Calls to the listed phone # were answered by a machine. We finally gave up and returned to Costco for shopping and then headed home. We were back by 1530.

Today, Saturday, we had planned to attend a HAMfest at the Mesa Community College, but learned earlier in the week that it had been cancelled. We're disappointed, but sleeping in this morning was pretty good compensation. Instead of spending time & money we're busy on our computers scanning & filing yesterday's mail, and working on our monthly Missive.

We expect to be here till just before Christmas with only car trips to nearby shopping, etc. Our next coach journey is set for late December when we'll head for California to attend the Rose Parade. Till then...

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