Krusen with the Kruses travel blog

They were loaded up to leave, too

Views driving into Fredericksburg this morning

Driving thru Fredericksburg - last looks

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful

Wildflowers are still blooming

The Llano River

Lots of cactus

Historic Courthouses - Mason, McCullough, Concho & Runnels Counties

Around the courthouse square in Mason

San Saba River

Just love the old windmills

Leaving hill country

Lots of grains grow in central Texas

We were amazed at the number of wind machines

Water & wind mills

Ranchers use their land to grow crops, pump oil & generate electricity...

Moving into wind & dust

The landscape is really changing

Look at the number of oil well jacks!

A nice ranch looms out of the dust

Our first day of travel was a mixed bag of weather. We started out in lovely sunshine but about halfway we hit gusty winds & blowing dust. We enjoyed the views - probably would have enjoyed better views without the dust this afternoon. We're driving thru areas we've not seen before so it was all very interesting. We just couldn't believe all the wind machines & oil well jacks we saw on the drive today.

We're safely in the Twin Pine RV Park in Slaton for the night. Hopefully the winds will decrease overnight & not be so bad tomorrow.

Continuing northwest... more later...

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