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Fields & vineyards of the Central Coast

We drove the El Camino Real (section of 101) down to LA

We had beautiful ocean views today!

Driving thru Santa Barbara

Nice camping spot!

LA smog



Downtown LA

You can kind of see the mountains thru the smog

Headed south into the desert

Spent the night at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon

We're running behind on our posts. Guess we got out of the habit sitting in one place.

We had a great first day out. We drove straight down the coast & thru LA with no problems. We hadn't been to/thru LA in years & years so it was interesting to see it - once. David said if we need to go this way again we'll take the extra miles & time & go inland.

We stopped at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon for the night - free parking. We took Callie for a much-needed (by all of us) walk & then walked to & from the casino for dinner. There was a big selection of restaurants in the casino but we bypassed the buffet (Italian nite) & ate at the Mexican restaurant, which was very good.

More later...

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