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Today’s trek took me to the east side of Logan Pass. Ended up near the west end of Saint Mary Lake, and was trying to find a couple falls at that location.

I finally found one of the trailheads, but there was a chain across it, with a warning that bears had been sighted along the trail, and the trail was closed. As I was getting ready to head the other way, a couple rangers came by who were going out on this trail for a bear scouting expedition. Good of them, huh?

So, heading in the other direction, there were a couple folks with a spotting scope, looking across the valley for bears. What a wonderful thought – I’m heading into bear country. The good thing was that the hillside was at least a mile away.

Today’s trail was fairly level, and basically followed the gradual slope of the bottom of a canyon and a waterway which I believe to be Saint Mary River. About an hour into the hike, I joined up with another gentleman in his 60’s, and we hiked the rest of the trail together. Thus, the reason for a few pictures of myself. We went at least 3 miles up, with several stops along the way for photos. On the way back, the sky was turning pretty dark, and looked like one of those nasty storms coming in over the mountains. It did rain a bit just as we got back.

After the hike, I drove around the lower end of the park on the way back. It was a long drive, and I’m glad I had changed my campground location, which had originally been on the east side. Glad I chose the west.

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