2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

our campground in Spragge is a former KOA

a big inviting campground with a lot of river front


this RV has been built into a permanent residence

the place was so nice we took root for a couple days...

Wednesday morning - the road to Elliot Lake

the repair shop where we got repaired

this restaurant was funky but nice - all their signs were made...

an immature gull on the lakefront

memorial to the uranium miners

quite appropriate



the road from Elliot Lake to Mississagi Provincial Park


and remote

but lovely

it always rains when we're out in the middle of nowhere -...


this is something of an optical illusion - but it was pretty...


almost back to Highway 17

back on Highway 17

we will always remember Ontario for the beauty of it's skies


the northern shores of Lake Huron

Canada geese

Madolyn caught these gulls taking off

a small local marina


the outskirts of Sault Ste Marie

The need for repair leads us to an interesting town

Winnebago builds good motorhomes, but there are a few things they need to re-design. One of them is the door latch mechanism on the coach door. An interior lever has little leverage, and in trying to overcome a spring that is too stiff for it the lever wears until it fails. This is the third or fourth time ours has failed and the problem it causes is really annoying. You can get out of the coach but if the door is closed you can’t get back in without going through the cab - something that is really inconvenient.

Madolyn made some inquiries and found a place in Elliot Lake that might be able to fix the door. Elliot Lake is 18 miles out of our way, but it was worth the drive if we could get it fixed. We found the town, we found the repair shop and the guy, who works mostly on lawn mowers, snowmobiles etc. was willing to take us on. Half an hour and $20.00 later we were fixed and on our way. He even showed us the problem and told us what we could do if it happens again. A very nice man, and a good mechanic.

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant across the street and by 2:30 we were back on the road with good feelings for Elliot Lake and it’s people. Elliot Lake, like Sudbury, is in mining country, but the metal mined here is uranium. There is a mining museum which would have been interesting if we’d had the time. There is also a memorial on the lakefront to the workers who died ‘of occupational causes’. Whether that meant radiation poisoning or other dangers the memorial did not say.

Rather than backtrack to Spragge we decided on a dogleg route that eventually got us back to Highway 17 but took us first through Mississagi Provincial Park. This park is smaller and more remote than Algonquin and we passed few cars on the 50 miles of rough road, but the beauty of the place made the detour worth the effort.

Back on 17 we turned toward Sault Ste Marie and 90 miles later we were there and camped. We didn’t go down to the waterfront because we were here on the U.S. side three years ago and toured the locks. It’s interesting and fun, and if we had time we’d love to do it all again, but as the song says, “You don’t always get what you want!” Ontario is big and we still have a lot of it to travel.

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