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Sunset at Gulf Shores

Jamming by the pool

Clubhouse Jam Session

the rest of the group

Bob with his winter beard

Sunrise over the park

Shell of a shipwreck on Fort Morgan beach

Christmas surprise outside our window

Sunrise reflected in a puddle

Pelican at Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan Ferry

Quilt Show

More Quilt Show

Jackie's Quilt

Judy's Quilt

My Quilt

Close up

I know I have been procrastinating about updating our travel journal for the last four months, and now I am starting to feel a little guilty about it so I will try to bring you up to date on our winter so far, at least as much as I can remember. We have spent much of our time doing some of our favorite things that we have done the last four winters and of course, with the great restaurant here at the Gulf, eating out is one of our favorite activities. After Judy and Russ arrived here at the campground we spent a lot of time with them; and Lucy and Molly became best friends. It seemed like every walk around the campground turned into wrestling match but the puppies sure had a lot of fun. Now that they have moved on to other fun places Lucy is missing her doggie cousin but has managed to make a bunch of doggie friends and looks forward to tracking them down every time we are out and about. Having a puppy has slowed us down a bit, we just can’t run off and leave her for hours on end so we have had to stay a little closer to home than in the past but still we are always finding places to go and things to see.

In November we starting talking about looking for a newer car and by Thanksgiving we found one that we just couldn’t live without. When we first started this adventure we bought a Chevy Cavalier, one of the small vehicles that is easily towed without much modification. It was a really good car and took us to a lot of places it was never meant to go but it was pretty small and since it was a two door it wasn’t really a very good car for carrying passengers, people could get into the back seat but getting them back out wasn’t as easy. We decided to go a little bigger and got a Jeep Liberty 4 X 4, also easily towed; we are really enjoying it.

We had our usual great Thanksgiving Dinner at the clubhouse with about 80 friends and neighbors and even Kip and Elsie came down from Birmingham to spend the holiday. I volunteered to cook one of the turkeys in the clubhouse kitchen; and Rodney, the campground manager, deep fried one turkey and smoked another. Lots of volunteers for set up and clean up made the dinner possible and everyone brought a potluck dish to share, that meant there was plenty of food for the celebration. Debbie and Wayne were here for the month of November so Bob and the guys were able to get together for some jam sessions and Debbie gave a bunch of us “girls” her million dollar hair cuts again, she is the best, I can’t believe I have to wait until next November for another good hair cut. I suppose a quick trip to Texas is out of the question.

In December we had the Greedy Santa party that is always a lot of fun and then of course another great holiday meal for our Christmas dinner. Many of the “snowbirds” don’t arrive until after Christmas but the campground has now filled up and we are happy to see many of our “old” friends again. One of the first couples we met here four years ago, Bud and Betty, stopped by for a week on their way to Texas and Bob was really happy to have his jam session buddy back for a few days.

Even though Bob and I both had our flu shots in the fall, we both came down with some kind of weird cold and spent New Years Eve wishing we could just stop coughing and get some sleep. It took awhile but I think we are finally over it.

We have been keeping busy, me with exercise group, line dancing, bingo, crafts and sewing and Bob with his music and jam sessions. We have a jam session and ice cream social every other Friday here at Anchors and on the alternate Fridays we go to a jam at Spanish Cove, a community in Lillian, AL. We also go to another RV park in Elberta, AL for a jam session every other Sunday night.

My quilting buddies, Judy Colby, Jackie May and I have been sewing up a storm at the craft room and we have all entered our latest quilts in the Robertsdale United Methodist Church’s Quilt Show this weekend, there were over 300 quilts on display there. I’m thinking that Quilting may be addicting because I have already started another one.

So far we have had a very mild winter, we only had temperatures below freezing a couple of nights and most days are sunny and pleasant. January was our winter month and now that it is February the weather is improving every day, flowers are blooming, and Mardi Gras is next week so Spring is just around the corner.

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