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The Boot Barn..

Last one!

We are visiting the beautiful town of Sheridan, Wyoming today. We needed to stock up on a few things at Walmart, Sheridan had the closest one. :-)

Once we saw this cool town, we were glad we visited. It has unusual art posted on almost every corner. The traffic was too busy to get pictures of all of them, I am adding the few I was able to capture.

A few facts about Sheridan:

Several scenes of the 2006 film Flicka were filmed on location in Sheridan. It was based on the novel, My Friend Flicka.

In the film K-PAX, Sheridan is the first stickpin location on a map of cattle slaughter companies. Movies filmed in the area include Wild Horses and Endangered Species.

Sheridan is mentioned briefly in Douglas Adams' final sci-fi work, The Salmon of Doubt.

Sheridan is frequently mentioned in the Colonial Radio serial of the Old West, Powder River.

Sheridan was ranked number one by the True West Magazine in 2006 among the Top Western Towns. It was ranked sixth in 2007, It is a vacation destination as well as a travel stop, due to its proximity to Interstate 90 and U.S. Route 14.

Buffalo Bill Cody, auditioned talent for his Wild West Show off the front porch of the Sheridan Inn.

We enjoyed our visit to the city much. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. We will be moving on to Casper, Wyoming soon. Check back later for more from Wyoming.

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