Another beautiful city in Montana.. :-)



It is a very hilly city like San Francisco..


Beautiful old homes called "Painted Ladies"...


We had lunch at the Hummingbird Cafe..

Front view, it used to be the Montana Bakery..

Another view

Back on the road to see more painted ladies.. :-)

Love this one!







These looked like twins.. :-)




This one was ready for Halloween with spiders and webs..

This one too... they did a good job..:-)

Another view...

Clean up..

Can you see the statue on the hill??

The best zoom I could get, it was a long way off..

View from the tour website...

Another one from their website..

Last one!!

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Butte, was the huge statue way up on the hill. I thought it was a statue of Jesus, it turned out to be of Mary instead. From what I have read, it is 90 feet tall and is a work of art. They even have a two hour tour that takes you to the top of the hill to view it up close.

The statue sits atop the Continental Divide and is the result of a dream and six years of hard work. With the help of generous donations and a wealth of love and faith, countless volunteers completed a seemingly impossible task. On December 20, 1985, the statue was placed on the East Ridge to overlook Butte, Montana.

The base sits at an elevation of 8510 feet above sea level and 3500 feet above the mile high city of Butte. We were told the statue, lighted and visible at night, is a spectacular sight to behold. I would love to see it at night. It is WAY off, I zoomed in and got the best pictures I could. :-)

We also enjoyed viewing the incredible old homes in the area. They are busy restoring them, we even saw a lady painting over some of the graffiti on one. They call the old homes the "Painted Ladies". They are absolutely beautiful, I got pictures of as many as I could.

We had a great lunch at the Hummingbird Cafe. The Hummingbird Café opened in October of 2007 and is owned by Jimmy Doolan and Essie Etchingham. The couple, originally from Seymour, Indiana and Bozeman, MT, were drawn to Butte’s unique history, architecture, and character.

The café is housed in the Haller Building, built in 1895 as The Montana Bakery. I wish I had taken pictures of the inside too. :-) After lunch we headed on over to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions and stock up on stuff we need for travel day coming soon. We have finished all of our chores with the doctor's visits etc. All is well and we are ready to head on to Wyoming. Check back later for more from Wyoming.

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