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Our holiday is well and truly over. We drove about 22000Km in around 4 months. We haven’t yet done the tally of the costs and fuel we used but I’d hazard a guess and say, in a word, substantial. Took according to the figure while uploading my pictures 3,763 frames, mind you a lot of those were combined into Panoramas and the majority are not worth looking at but I didn’t realize how many I had taken on both cameras.

Glad we did it this year, we may not be able to get away for long trips for a few years….

So the highlights would have to be in no particular order;

1. The head of the Bight and seeing the Whales. The Bunda Cliffs along there are visually quite stunning too.

2. The Dolphins at Monkey Mia. It made Carols day feeding them.

3. The Kalbarri Gorges were nothing short of spectacular!

4. The Pinnacles also were quite striking; the area is so big and so distinctly defined from the surrounding landscape.

5. The SW Forests were just totally spectacular; The Tram ride through the Pemberton forests was insignificant alongside the giant Tingle Tree and the Tree Top walk also quite amazing.

6. The scenery around Esperance and Cape Le Grand also stunning, the sand was indeed “Persil White” and the sea such a superb shade of Aqua, well it should be too it is after all water.

7. The wind also very memorable especially around Walpole…..

8. The distances to get around WA are also appreciable.

9. The Stromatelites deserve a mention, what a fizzer. I don’t know what I was expecting but not lumps of rocks that sit in water and discretely fizz all day.

We met some great people in our travels too – not the least the fellow Baby Boomers we swapped sparkling repartee and picnic lunches with at Whiteman Park and Yarloop. Truly great to eventually meet up and put faces to names….. I won’t bore you with yet another account of getting to drive the W4…..

WA is truly for the adventurous and Miners.

As to Caravan Parks they were all very nice with a few notable exceptions but our favorite was “Big Valley Farm Stay” near Margaret River. Margaret River itself is pretentious and the hype is well and truly overdone though the cookies and chocolates were nice. Millers Ice-cream is the Gold Standard of ice creams haven’t found anything that comes within the Nullabor Plain of it.

Shame, Millers here is an excuse for me to take a seat and have a snooze; they don’t sell anything of interest to me…..

Then it all sort of crashed around us with the breakdown and then the rush to get to Taree when we got word that Carol’s Aunt was deteriorating. She is all sorted now; a new doctor is on the scene and is giving her treatment for all that ails her. Last carol heard she was walking again… Maybe a few years in here yet when they get some weight on here and her system back into kilter.

Big changes while we were away, sadly the Buladelah Bypass won't be finished till March 2013. HUGE new Bunnings at Goulburn and the Mobil servo near the Ram is now a Shell. The Marulan interchange is now finished shame the mine that it was designed to help cope with trucks for seems to have “dried up”. In Canberra Masters have opened, the bottom floor of the Hyperdome has now got JB Hi Fi and GoLo have gone into liquidation, K Mart has been worked over…

The van has sort of been emptied and I have lodged a claim for the stone damage and other warranty problems; all is on track there and our mail deliveries resume on Tuesday.

Now we are planning our week in Hong Kong, no one seems interested in the great deal I can get them, a 4 day free pass on HK Tramways all I want is for them to tell me what days they want. Of course it won’t worry me, I have a lifetime pass on HK Trams…. I’ll have to learn to speak some Chinese 丁关根丁能开车吗 (may I drive the tram). Maybe I'll get some cards printed...

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