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Sunrise at Rovers Roost
Arising early isn't all bad!

Carpe at Purcell for new steer tires

Our new Michelin tires await mounting

Removing wheel and old tire
When you have the right equipment & experience...

A strong back is needed for this work

Bob takes advantage of easy access to drain the air tanks

New tire mounted and awaiting balancing

Our drive to Tucson included I 19

I 19 is only US Interstate using metric system

Another metric sign

Carpe with windshield scaffold

Andy cleans up windshield mounting area

Back on the road again... Actually, we were also on the road yesterday, but we'll include that short trip with this one.

Yesterday, 13 Nov: We awoke early to get Carpe ready for the road (and got to witness a spectacular sunrise—see pix). We've been lazing about Rivers Roost for three weeks and a lot of "stuff" gets taken out of cabinets & such and doesn't get returned. So, a careful reading of our check list was in order before heading out.

Today's mission was to drive to the other side of Casa Grande and have two new tires installed on the front (steer) axle. The original tires, which were five years old and had loads of tread left, were badly out of round and causing a bad vibration at about 45 mph. Neither front end alignment nor tire balancing could correct the problem.

We left about 0830 and pulled into Purcell Tire's commercial facility on Jimmy Kerr Blvd. They were waiting for us and got to work as soon as we shut off the engine. These guys are real pros and had the wheels off, tires mounted, balanced, and reinstalled in about an hour. It's hard, dirty, heavy work but they were friendly and cheerful guys.

Each tire set us back more than Dinkum's entire set of four, but what a difference. On the drive back to Rovers Roost Bob commented that the pull to the right tendency was gone and the coach rode like a dream. Almost like floating on a cloud.

Today, 14 Nov: Another early day and another run thru the check list to ensure we'd not forgotten anything. Today's mission was to drive to Tucson where we found a real RV windshield pro. We wanted him to look at our chronic windshield leak problem, and we believe we found the right guy for the job.

Andy of Superglass met us at his repair facility and quickly got his scaffold set up around Carpe's nose. As soon as he took the duct tape (which we installed in Palmer, AK to stem the leak) and molding off he knew what he needed to do.

He carefully removed the residue of multiple botched repair attempts down to the mounting cage. He cleaned and primed the metal cage and then resealed the windshield using the correct substances and his professional touch. After waiting for the sealant to cure he put everything together and turned on the water hose. After ten minutes of direct blasting from a high pressure hose no water inside! Yes!!!

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