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Okay, I'll spare you the three day photo ordeal, by giving you three separate days for this visit.

Okay, now HERE’S a park!! Wow! Very grand. Would be on my top 10 list of places to return.

Day 1 was driving up the Going to the Sun Road, to Logan Pass – highest point in the park via roadway. The road itself has a vehicle height and length limit, and my pickup was just under the length. Reason being that the road is narrow, windy in places, and there are even a few rock outcrops that you pass under.

Didn’t know what to expect in the way of trails, but knew there were a couple that began near the Visitor Center. I figured the Park would be busy, based on the crowds that were around, so I headed out early, essentially at sunrise. The views are great, and by the time I got up to Logan Pass, there were already 40 -50 vehicles in the parking lot.

I decided to try the Hidden Lake Trail, which went first to an overlook about 1 ½ miles, then you could go another 1 ½ miles to the lake. Not far from the trailhead were a couple photographers with BIG telephoto lenses – the type you see at sporting events. At first, I thought they were just waiting for the lighting to change as the sun rose, to catch some landscape shots. But as I soon learned, there was a group of big horn sheep that called this home, and they were waiting for them to come out.

The next thing I saw was a sign that was giving instructions regarding the snow ahead of us, and the fact that you had to follow color-coded posts to stay on the correct trail. Oh boy. There were two or three folks ahead of me, so I decided to continue on. The trail was relatively worn, so not too difficult to follow, and there were some boardwalk areas. It was kinda neat, actually, walking across the snow.

A few of the folks turned around before even reaching the overlook, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Fortunately, some were continuing, so I figured I could too! And I’m glad I did. The trek to Hidden Lake was a bit ominous looking at first, as there were more snow fields to cross, and it was all down hill. That meant that the hike back was all UP hill. But what the heck; another guy that was at the lookout took off, so there would at least be one other person on this stretch. And at this point, that’s all there was. We did pass another guy sitting on a rock on the way down, and he wasn’t quite sure yet.

All in all, a great hike – well worth the effort. If there was a down side to the experience, it was the fact that someone had opened the gates to the rest of the visitors, and there were MANY more on the trail on the way back.

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