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It feels different returning to the Tropic Star campground for the second time. We are restless souls and have stayed in the Rio Grande Valley more than any other spot, so it's familiar and most of the things that I found remarkable, I already commented about in the Mexico Bound blog from 2007. I still find these topics interesting and noteworthy, but can't seem to get motivated to write about them again. People ask why I don't keep writing when we are at home, but I find myself uninspired to write about the same things that I know everyone else is doing - paying bills, doing the laundry, buying groceries, etc. Possibly that could happen here as well this month with nothing new to notice and learn about. I'm not complaining. We feel very fortunate to be away from the bitter cold and snow and are quite content to just be living life a few miles north of the border. It's a blessing that I never had to make my living writing daily columns even when I had nothing to say...

We have met some interesting people. At the pancake breakfast we stood in line with a full time RV'er who spent last summer driving a tour bus in Fairbanks, Alaska. He signed up to for this job in the hopes that he would have a chance to get paid for seeing Alaska, but ended up driving 50 - 60 hours a week for $10/hour with only one day off a week. After about a month he was so exhausted, he spent his day off resting up for the week ahead rather than sight seeing. Full timers who have invested the proceeds from the sale of their homes in the stock market have taken a real hit to their finances and lifestyle in the last two years, so he has signed up again to drive in the Anchorage area where he hopes not to be quite so busy. We are thinking about returning to Alaska with the motor home and he gave us some good tips about the timing of the trip. Alaska is a huge state and we want to spend as much time there as possible without driving into the same kind of weather we just drove down here to escape. His description of the tundra turning bright red in the fall was enticing.

We also met a couple from metro Chicago staying here. Ken noticed their signal on the internet location map hosted by our satellite dish just down the way from us. Not only do they have the same kind of satellite dish as we do, they also have the same motor home, just one year older. They live in it full time and have many interesting travel stories. It was fun to tour their home and show them ours.

The weather news is filled with stories of below 0 temperatures and blizzards. It sounds like some of that is going to end up here in a far milder state, of course. January is a bummer no matter where in the US you are. The hours of daylight are far too few and it isn't reliably warm anywhere, although southern Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California are the most likely to have some nice days. We've brought many "inside" projects along that will hopefully make us feel productive and help the month to zoom by. The older we are, the faster time passes anyway.

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